Breakdown of Prices

Free Chat first! Just ‘phone me to arrange a free chat without obligation, which lasts for about half an hour or so, when I will explain the processes to you and you can ask any questions you wish, to set your mind at rest about me and about the therapy.

Will I be able to afford therapy? The benefits far outweigh the cost – however as far as possible no-one will be denied therapy for financial reasons – we can discuss.

Suggestion therapy and/or NLP For simpler issues such as nail-biting, pre-test nerves etc. one or two 1½ hour sessions of Suggestion therapy or N.L.P. may be all that is required, and these are £75 a session (at the rate of £50 an hour). This therapy, like analytical therapy, is private, personal and individual.

Analytical therapy 1½ hour sessions at £75 a session (at the rate of £50 an hour) according to individual needs. At the first session there will be a commitment charge of £10 on deposit, which will be deducted from the price of your completing session provided you have not cancelled appointments without adequate notice.

Georgina’s CD Relax and be Confident is part of the analytical therapy process and is a required purchase for all those undertaking analytical therapy which costs £10. So your 1st session of Analytical therapy will include the CD and commitment deposit. Add on £5 if your session is after 5:00 pm.

Liberation! Technique™ is Georgina’s own original and powerful life-changing technique – to help you to rid yourself of M.E., C.F.S, P.V.F., Depression, Fibromyalgia, Panic, O.C.D., and many other debilitating problems. Regular courses are held consisting of one (or more if required) private and personal therapy session/s when convenient to you, at £75 for the session (at the rate of £50 an hour) followed by 2 (mainly consecutive) sessions of approximately three hours each, shared with a small group of other people (up to six) for £250 each person, which must be paid in advance. By paying in advance, you cover both 3-hour sessions

In some cases, where clients work during the day, evening courses can be arranged, in which case an additional £20 is payable per client, bringing the total to £270 payable in advance for the two three-hour sessions.

Children’s BLOWAWAY TECHNIQUE / or Journey for bed-wetting, bullying, anxiety etc. one or two sessions may be all that is required. This costs £75 for the session (at the rate of £50 an hour). A parent or guardian must be present at sessions for children under 18.

STOP SMOKING! Normally one session is all that is required for Stopping Smoking, this costs £150 for a 1½ – 2 hour session – and two friends can share a session at less cost – £95 each. Very rarely required, a free booster is available for up to a month after the session. (It only takes a month for a new habit to be established).

Evening appointments (after 5:00 pm) cost an additional £5 extra each.

Session Times All sessions are at least 1½ hours.

Prices are subject to change but will be held at the price quoted at the first session

Phone today for an appointment for a free chat first! 01536 522770