Witness By Hypnotism

Woman identifies get-away van: News Shopper Wednesday October 21 1992

A Beckenham woman has hypnotised a witness to a theft to recall the registration number of a van involved.
Georgina Block, of Croydon Road, hypnotised 23-year-old Karen Smith from Chislehurst, who wanted to help the police with the information, and was desperate to remember the van’s number.

Karen had stopped in traffic in Chislehurst High Street as she went to collect friends’ children from school, when she saw a white van ahead veer across the road and park outside Wardrobe, an exclusive menswear shop.
“That drew my attention to two young men outside the shop.” Karen told the News Shopper.
“One of them crouched down and the other knocked on the shop door and was let in. He then came running out with an arm-load of jumpers, and the two ran off into the alleyways behind the shop. I got out of my car and ran into the police station which is opposite the shop. When I mentioned the van, the officers said it was probably there to screen the thieves.”

Karen had not managed to take down the whole of the van’s registration number, and decided to see if she could recall it under hypnosis.

She contacted Mrs Block and, after a session of hypnotism, was able to recall the number of the van, which she passed on to the police.
A policeman said that £1,000-worth of designer jumpers and shirts had been taken.
Roger Firmin, owner of Wardrobe, which has had 4 walk-in thefts this year, as well as burglaries, said his shop is a target because of the exclusive clothes he stocks.

“I have done everything I can to make the shop secure – we even have buzzers on the door, and we are opposite the police station,” he commented.