Anxiety, Stress and Panic attacks

How can Hypnotherapy help? In today’s busy world so many people are rushing about trying to deal with everyday living, quite apart from any extra stress caused by unexpected events or prevailing uncomfortable circumstances. Very few people allow themselves the time they need in which to just relax, to allow their body and mind to regenerate itself. The body becomes over-worked, adrenalin becomes over-active, the immune system becomes over-aroused and therefore depleted, the body can go into shut-down mode, and the person comes to the point where they feel they just can’t cope. Even the most normal situations can trigger feelings of fear, desperation, despair and depression, often leading to sudden panic attacks or agoraphobia, and/or many other distressing symptoms.

Hypnotherapy with hypno-analytical techniques combined with NLP can assist the mind and body to recuperate.

Pick up the ‘phone to arrange a Free Chat with Georgina, and she will explain how hypnotherapy with hypnosis at her Clinic can help you to regain your psychological and emotional balance, and become the person you have always wanted to be.

Georgina will help you to reach your own best potential and teach you relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques which will help you to overcome your anxiety and stress, to make the difference you need to assist you to cope with your life.

  • Physical relaxation: activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts the effects of the stress response by reducing the level of arousal in the body; muscles loosen, breathing and heartbeat slow down, blood vessels may dilate, and the digestive system acts more efficiently. Regular relaxation gives the body an opportunity to heal itself and strengthens the immune system, allowing the effects of chronic stress to dissipate.
  • Emotional relaxation: allows panic, anger and anxiety to drain away, to be replaced by a sense of stability and well-being. Everyone is familiar with the draining effects of these negative emotions; as relaxation reduces the intensity of these emotions, our inner resources and sense of self become stronger. In hypnosis the sub-conscious mind is able to release bottled-up emotion which has needed to be dealt with but the source of which has perhaps been long forgotten.
  • Mental relaxation: One of the characteristics of stress is that everything clamouring for our attention assumes equal importance, making it hard to know  what to tackle first, and even harder to concentrate on any one thing. Relaxation allows us some distance and perspective on our lives, creating the space in which clear priorities can emerge. As thoughts slow down, and the mind becomes dreamy and detached, (trance-like) we begin to access the resources of the right brain – the creative, intuitive, non-linear part of our minds. This part can often come up with solutions to problems that defeat our logical thought processes. Hypnotherapy allows the sub-conscious mind and the conscious mind to communicate and reach resolution.
  • Spiritual relaxation : provides the detachment from everyday concerns that allows us to realise what is really important in our lives; to observe thoughts, emotions and physical sensations without judging; and to have the time and space just to be, without doing. Without the distractions that normally crowd our minds, we can discover, accept and enjoy the person we really are.
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