Religion and Hypnotherapy

Will hypnotherapy conflict in any way with my religion, my faith or beliefs?

There are so many people who under normal circumstances would not think of looking at any self-help books, or even consider therapy, let alone hypnotic therapy, as anything which might conceivably cross their path. Many of such people have for some reasons developed a resistance against using the means of hypnosis to get help, either for themselves or for those they have a responsibility to guide. These are often deep thinking, caring people, often with heavy responsibilities, who have spent time studying manuals, study guides, scriptures, and who would think of hypnosis as something completely unacceptable to them – because they have a misconceived idea of what it actually is.

The purpose of this part of my website is not to explore the symptoms of abuse or explain psychological states, but rather to help open up the mind of the reader to the possibility of obtaining help from a properly qualified practitioner of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming or life coaching, instead of discounting it as many do, through lack of understanding of what it is, and in addition to this to make the reader aware of some wonderful extra spiritual benefits that often occur perfectly naturally during the process of such therapies.

Many faithful believers who under normal circumstances would consider themselves to be deeply and spiritually aware for some reason have a closed-minded or wary approach to hypnosis, probably because they mistakenly believe that it might violate the sacred principle of free agency.

I would like to set their minds at rest about the suitability of the use of hypnotherapy by an appropriately qualified practitioner for the treatment of emotional or psychological problems. Really the basis of the therapy is the desire to get to know yourself, as you are and who you are, and who you might become if only you could be free from all the uncomfortable feelings that have been happening to you as a result of your life’s experiences.

I will not question nor try to influence your religious beliefs in any way, rather I will honour them, and if there is anything that you believe might conflict with what you believe, feel free to discuss it with me at my free chat. (See contact page)