The Liberation! Technique ™

The Liberation! Technique ™

– a change of focus

The Way Forward – to a new Pathway!

Why go to see Georgina? Because………

For some reason you have decided to search for someone who might be able to help you to change something about yourself, or something in your life. You have found me! I can help you to change your life for the better!

Your desire for change may have something to do with your business, your finances, your health, your relationships – or even something intangible, like peace of mind, or a way of thinking about yourself.

Hi Georgina Thank you for helping me: To change the way I look at the negative events in my life.

To appreciate the fact that I am alive happy and well every single day of my life and to open my door in anticipation each morning  of all the wonderful things the new and wonderful day is going to bring my way and to dispatch with a flick of my finger the negative unimportant issues that I allowed to colour my thoughts in the past.

To overcome the fear that left me feeling paralysed  and inadequate when faced with a challenging situation.

The Liberation Technique has certainly liberated me in the most amazing way in that I now feel that I can respond to negative influences in my life with confidence I now stop take a deep breath and decide on my best course of action rather than react to the situation by crawling into my shell and feel sorry for myself. I feel that I am now equipped to handle with confidence the challenges that stand in the way of the things that I would like to achieve in my life. I wish that I had discovered this technique sooner, however better late than never.

I recommend the Liberation Technique to anyone who has a great desire for success at home or at work or both and who has been searching like me all my life for a way to achieve that success.

A million thanks again Georgina

Female Client from Kettering

Your way of thinking, and therefore your behaviour, has been influenced for a very long time by your SUB-CONSCIOUS mind, which has been adapting since you were a child to help you to deal with whatever life has thrown at you. But until you understand what I am about to reveal, which is HOW things flow in and out of your life, you will never be able to CONSCIOUSLY create the life you desire.

On the other hand, once you know the wonderful method of thinking that can Change Your Life, you will FINALLY be able to achieve your dreams and goals, one after the other, in a rapid, easy, stress-free manner.

I am sure I don’t have to tell you that your mind is your most powerful tool for achieving anything you want in life. However, since everyone has a mind, why don’t they use it to create the lives they desire?

On 18 February 2010 I wrote in my diary – “Dreadful day. need to get something done about my poor mental state”.  I remember I was preparing to go away for the weekend, it was snowing and I just wanted to hole myself up in the house and not go anywhere and have to talk to people.

After a few sessions with Georgina and learning her Liberation Technique, I am overjoyed to report that I am feeling 100% better.  My high dose of Prozac is a thing of the  past together with my low moods, anxiety, insomnia and nail-biting, all problems I’ve had to cope with for the past 55 years.   It’s only now that I am feeling so much better, confident, and above all in control of ME and not at the mercy of the bad old ways, that I realise just how bad and often ill I felt.

Yes, I felt better on the Prozac but realised the very powerful drug only treats the symptoms, not the cause of low moods.  Hypnotherapy gets right to the root of the problems and tackles them head-on and I think that without this therapy, I would have been on Prozac for the rest of my life.

The wonderful, liberating feeling of freedom has to be experienced and I just wish that I had met Georgina years ago.

Thank you, Georgina.

(Female Client from Kettering)

Why is it that most people use the power of their mind to work AGAINST them, instead of FOR them? I will clarify this in just a few moments.


That’s right. I am not a psychic, but I am going to start off by predicting your future with 100% accuracy!

How can I possibly do that?

It’s very simple. I KNOW something about you – something that will allow me to predict your future with 100% accuracy.

Here it is: “If you keep THINKING what you are thinking, you will keep DOING what you are doing, and you will keep GETTING what you are getting.” Or “If you always DO what you’ve always done, you’ll always GET what you’ve always got!”

In other words, what you are experiencing NOW and in the FUTURE is the result of your previous thoughts. Your future is predetermined by your thoughts in this moment. You have probably already found that whatever you worry about seems to happen? That’s because you have thought about it so much that your energies are attracted towards it. So, if you want to change your future, you must change what you are thinking about right now, in this very moment, you must change the habitual way of thinking that you began when you were very young, because it seemed to work for you then, but it doesn’t seem to be working for you now, does it? You must change what you are imagining – stop imagining the things you FEAR and start IMAGINING the things you Hope for and Dream of! Visualize yourself into SUCCESS!

If I can convince and help you to do that, I predict you will have an absolutely fantastic, successful, exciting and happy future.focus on achieving weight loss with hypnosis


How you feel about life and anything in particular, depends on WHERE YOU FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION.

Ask yourself this question, “What do I focus on most of the time?” and notice what you find yourself focusing on. If you are like most people, you will discover something very interesting about yourself. You will discover that you spend more time focusing on what you DON’T want than what you DO want.

Why is this important?

Because you can’t expect to have what you WANT if you focus on the OPPOSITE of what you want. Put simply, you will create and attract MORE of whatever you focus on.

Want Proof?

Have you ever made this statement,“I feel stressed out, but I don’t know why.”

If you are feeling stressed it is because you are focusing on stressful thoughts. In other words, you are focusing on what you don’t want, which is to feel stressed!

Said another way, bad thoughts can never produce good results, and good thoughts can never produce bad results.

Anytime you feel stressed, worried, fearful, or have any other negative feeling, it is because you are doing two things:

  1. You are focusing on what you don’t want to happen.
  2.  You are focusing on an imagined fearful future, not on the present moment.

It is impossible to feel stress, worry, fear or any other negative emotion if you are living in the present moment. The ONLY way you can feel negative emotion is to focus on what MIGHT happen, or what you DON’T WANT TO HAPPEN, in this moment, in the next moment, next hour, next day, next week, next year, etc.

I will help you to learn to monitor your thoughts. Until we meet, if you decide to visit me, I would like you to become the “observer” of your thoughts. Don’t judge. Just observe. Observe what you focus on most of the time.

Are you focused on the past? What happened and how you wish it were different? Are you worried about the future? The next minute, the next day, next week, etc? Are you feeling depressed because you want to change but you believe you absolutely can’t do it because you’ve already tried and failed?

You Can change! Start right now. Take a look at what you focus on most of the time. As you do this, please keep in mind: What you think about today, in this moment, will become your future.

Once you understand this, you can accurately predict your future. If you keep thinking what you are thinking, you will keep getting what you are getting. But if you shift your thought patterns and focus on what you WANT, instead of what you don’t want, or what you fear you can’t get, you can begin to create a new and exciting future.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my web-site. I do hope that we will meet. Now is as good a time as any to decide to start the process of change? ‘Phone me today and make an appointment for your Free Chat.

You have begun a Journey into self-discovery that can truly change your life.I look forward to meeting you

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How was the Liberation! Technique created?The Liberation Technique has elements that teaches principles that can be found in  many publications such as “The Secret” ; “What the Bleep! Down the Rabbit Hole”; “The Journey”, “As a man thinketh”;  “Frogs Into Princes”; “Reframing”;  “Using your brain for a Change”, “Self Mapping,,” “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” – to name just a few. Georgina has spent many years studying dozens of techniques and authors, and the Liberation! Technique is the wonderfully powerful amalgamation of her skills and investigations.

Understanding the basic concepts of how our mind works at an unconscious level lays the foundation of Georgina’s Liberation! Technique. It is not until the client understands the principles of how their habitual thinking and speaking, their expressions and posture affect their health and well-being that they can then learn and take on board the change of thought patterns and physiology required to create new neural pathways in their brain to enable them to be restored to full health.

Can I really get better in so few sessions?

Yes! Most people can and do, and we would encourage you to expect to be among them. However, as everyone is unique, and the Liberation! Technique is used for a wide variety of issues, it is impossible to answer this question with a quick “Yes” or “No.” In every case, each person needs to take responsibility for their progress by putting into practice the strategies Georgina will teach.

For some people, Georgina will recommend a series of therapy sessions rather than the Liberation! Technique, for various reasons based on her assessment of their needs, or she may recommend that one or more sessions of therapy are desirable before proceeding with the Liberation! Technique.

The Liberation! Technique is a brief training programme formulated to deal with specific patterns of behaviour, or thought processes which the person has developed over a time period because of their life experiences and the way they perceive them; these thought processes and perceptions become engrained in their brain and need a whole new set of behaviour patterns to be learnt to replace them and the negative results they have produced and are continuing to produce.

We each have 100 billion brain cells, each forming as many as 20,000 dendrite connections. The number of possible thought patterns, outlooks or beliefs is mind-boggling! Imagine that each brain cell connection or belief you hold is like a pixel of a TV screen showing a picture of reality. The more connections you link, the more beliefs you form, the more pixels you activate, the more vivid, detailed, bright and sharp your picture becomes. If your imagination is forming a brilliant picture of past successes, your expectation of future success is flowing through your mind and body in every pixel (or cell) and you are likely to succeed in similar endeavours ahead of you.

Unfortunately, many people are continually linking their thought processes to past failures, fears of failure, or illness, and producing a strong flow of negative “pixels” which connect themselves to other cells, and repeated firing of the same brain cells results in continued wiring and the belief grows stronger – from an opinion, to a feeling of certainty, and on to an unshakeable conviction. An unshakeable conviction that you will continue to repeat past failures, feel the fear and create the adrenaline to deal with it causes a repetitive roundabout or downward spiral into more of the same. Unless, of course, you raise your awareness and link a new cause and effect – which then forms a new and evolved belief in your ability to repeat past successes and create new ones!

The Liberation! Technique has been formulated to do just that for you – to help you to raise your awareness from your fear of repeating the old negative cycles and thought patterns – neural pathways – to a realisation that you can just as easily succeed in creating new neural pathways which lead you to success, health and well-being.

How does it work?

Techniques uniquely developed using the philosophies and research of NLP, self hypnosis and life coaching create a powerful combination of change in a client. The key steps  involve training the client to recognise the negative cycles that they have entered into on a sub-conscious level that have blighted their health and stunted their life. Once recognised, the client is then given training in how to break these negative cycles, which helps the client to regain control of their health, sense of self and future.

Georgina’s development

After training and qualifying in NLP, Georgina found that her new skills combined with her established skills and qualifications enabled her to be even more effective as a therapist. She named her technique the Liberation! Technique, which combines all of her previous training as an Advanced Hypnotherapist and her training in NLP. and incorporating all of her previous skills. She has had amazing results. Clients have found that their expectation of further illness cause them to focus on that fear, thus depleting their immune system by producing symptoms of panic.

If you are ready to explore a new, enlightening and innovative way of quickly eliminating old uncomfortable patterns of behaviour which will help you to deal not only with those old bad habits and negative thoughts which have led you into fear, restrictions and even illness – you will be able to therapeutically deal with old traumas which have bugged you, and move forward into a whole new way of thinking and being – by booking in with Georgina for the Liberation!Technique.

The Liberation! Technique is a training seminar, taking place over two days (6 hours, 2 mornings or evenings) during which clients learn techniques to enable them to powerfully influence the Autonomic Nervous System and other body systems. Everyone will have previously had at least one private session with Georgina prior to this.

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